Sunset Over Canyon Lake

Sunset Photography

A beautiful sunset, Canyon Lake, Texas.

Today, I shot my first real sunset. Overall it was a success, but apparently it takes more effort than pointing and clicking the shutter button.

Since my goal here is to learn more about photography, what did I learn from today’s activity?

  • Focus
  • Focus
  • Focus
  • And bring a chair!

I thought I was careful and got everything in focus, but I missed it on several shots.

Basically, I have some great sunset photos that were just a little out of focus! Focusing in low light conditions is an art!

Also, I slowed down my shutter speed and changed my aperture. Others say to speed it up, keep the same aperture and underexpose.

I do have to say, the shots I have that are under exposed are the most dramatic.

For this shoot, I slowed down my shutter speed and left my fStop alone, for the most part. While I got some really good photos, of the sunset, I wanted them to be more dramatic. More colorful.

After all isn’t that the reason we take sunset shots?

On my next shoot, I’m going to try this technique.

Dial in Aperture Mode and take a test shot. Next, in Manual mode, dial in the same fStop setting and double the shutter speed.

For example, if the setting in Aperture mode was f5 with a shutter speed of 1/200 of a second, in Manual mode, I would set the aperture to f5 and the shutter to 1/400 of a second. And adjust the shutter from there.

From my research, under exposing is the way to really make the sunset colors stand out.

Under exposing causes the colors to really pop! Yes, apparently that is a technical term.

We’ll see how things work out when I go on my next sunset photo walk.


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