Photography: First Steps…

My first steps.

So what do you need to start a journey such as mine? Desire, passion and a love of learning are necessary. There is a lot to learn about photography. So much so, that no one can know it all.

To me, the greatest thing about photography is that you can get started right away and learn the rest as you go. You will enjoy the journey, knowing it will never end. It all starts with those first steps, taking the plunge.

You can go one of two ways in your artistic search for knowledge. One way is to buy everything in sight and start from there. The other is just to buy the minimum equipment necessary to take your photos.

I chose the minimalist route.

For me, that was a Nikon d5100 DSLR, a tripod and a small backpack. That’s it.

I have recently purchased more equipment because I have found another branch of photography to explore.

For many months, my d5100 and an 18-55 mm starter lens were perfect. Just this weekend, I added another lens to my arsenal. I purchased a used 55-200 mm lens from B&H Photo (This is not an affiliate link.) for $119.00.

I have slowly been accumulating equipment as my interests evolve. I have found that I love the peace and quiet of landscape and wildlife photography.

However. This week, I am going to take my first steps into the boudoir…

Tuesday night I am meeting up with a small group of photographers to learn about Boudoir and Lingerie photography.

The basics of photography apply in all situations, but every path follows its own course to reach the final destination.

I know, one day I will settle on a type of photography that excites me most. For now, every aspect is new and exciting.

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