My First Lingerie Photo Shoot

Two keys to mastering any opportunity are personal growth and knowledge. This applies to a lingerie photo session as strongly as any other photo opportunity.

Last night, I realized just how far I have to go to master this craft of photography.

I listened to Tim speak about lighting for about 10 minutes and quickly realized he knew more about lighting than I ever will. However, I will learn even if it kills me!

We started out using electronic triggers. I quickly realized that three cameras would step on each other, resulting in under exposed shots. About an hour into the shoot, the receiver died and we switched to studio lighting with no flash.

I enjoyed this part of the shoot much better as I didn’t have to wait for others to take their photographs.

Kerri was a wonderful model for a newbie. She didn’t need much direction and instantly understood what we wanted when we did ask for something different.

I was pleasantly surprised that the shoot was as enjoyable as it turned out to be. I expected several photographers shooting soft-core pornography. The photo shoot wasn’t at all dirty, everything was discrete and tasteful.

Kerri started out dressed in lingerie and proceeded to disrobe. We shot for about 45 minutes, and then she changed into another lingerie outfit. The total shoot time was three hours.

The dynamic interaction was interesting and I learned so much last night.

Thank you to Tim, Kerri and all the others who took me under their wing…

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