Hamilton Pool – A Tranquil Waterfall

I finally managed to make it to Dripping Springs yesterday, to take photos of

Hamilton Pool. This is a truly tranquil nook in the Texas Hill Country.

Waterfall - Hamilton Pool

Waterfall – Hamilton Pool

You will find a fifty-foot waterfall that services a large swimming hole before continuing down the ravine. There is a walkway behind the waterfall so you can shoot from the inside.  Or you can continue around to the far side to shoot the fall from any angle. Magical!

I took several photographs, but for some reason my camera was under exposing most photos. I had to jump the ISO to 500, in broad daylight!

Another problem was the time of day. It was just after lunch. When I first arrived at the park, the sky was very overcast, thus producing an even light for taking photographs. By the time I got down to the spot I had selected, the sun had broken out and I had to deal with some extremely harsh shadows.

Inside the waterfall - Hamilton Pool

Met some nice people by the pool. A man and his niece, she was from Chiapas, Mexico. She had a borrowed camera, a Nikon D90, but did not know how to use the camera. I spent a pleasant hour teaching her how to use it and how to compose her pictures.

Finally, they left; I took several more photos and started the climb up from the pool.

Naturally, just as I got back to my car at the top of the ravine – the clouds hid the sun again.

Later, I finally figured out what was wrong with my camera. I had the exposure compensation set incorrectly.

Inside the waterfall - Hamilton Pool

Inside the waterfall – Hamilton Pool

So what lessons did I learn from this outing? Be prepared to shoot. Make sure you have all your equipment. Check your camera setting before to go out to shoot. And most importantly of all, wear good hiking shoes!

In a few weeks, I will return to shoot the pool again and see if I can get better quality photos…

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