From Snap Shot to Photo – Learning to Compose Photos

Rick's PHoto Talk -  Compose Photos

How to Compose Photos.

From Snap Shot to Photo – Learning to Compose Photos

Everyone has an opinion about what is the most important thing about photography. For me, it’s not lighting, it’s not lenses, and it’s not even about the camera. It’s all about seeing, about how you compose your photos.

Photo composition it a powerfully individualistic process. Anyone can take a simple snapshot, if they can see the possibilities.

For example, I have a friend who is an artist. He consistently “sees” photo opportunities and I think it is because he already had developed an ability to spot the different possibilities with his drawing.

While I will never approach his artistic ability, I can and will improve my ability to “see” photo opportunities.

There are several ways I am developing my ability to identify and compose photographs. The first way is to take as many photos as possible.

Another thing that helped me immensely is this, I get on a bus and every thirty minutes I get off the bus and photograph whatever is in sight. I’ve learned that there is always something interesting to photograph.

When the next bus comes along, I hop back on for another thirty-minute ride. Of course, if I see something cool, I hop off and shoot some photos.

Another thing to do is to try to shoot as many different genres as possible. Meet Up groups are great for this and for finding a mentor.

It’s like writing, to write better: write! To take better photos: shoot more photos…

Work on your ability to compose photos every day!